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Full Version: natural nail under gel
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Question- my naturals nails are under my hard gels- my nails are long, they extend past my skin at least 1/2 inch +
However my nails are naturally forming a tight C vurve, but almost crooked like & NOT like I see in pictures. I read on a forum that it was recommended to file off the natural nail under the gel ....?
Just wanted to know what everyone does after a tip has grown out past free edge & the nail is there....
Thanks-- Hope this makes SENSE!
Yes. some people do that. With a small bit file off the natural nail under the gel.
I've read you can start to get FE separation as the nail might pull away-- mine has not it just is starting to be shaped funny?
I never file away the natural nail from underneath. For clients with this problem, I file away the gel and using a form to "expand" the C-curve, I then reapply.
I'm going to give that a try!!
I wish I could post photos here - its too complicated