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Full Version: thoughts and/or advice: specials...
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so, I'm going into a salon on Friday. the owner is going to use her social media to promote me.. she called me and asked me to come in with some ideas for specials... in my last salon.. (booth renter) I never did specials... so I am at a loss... I was thinking for the first month, new clients can get $5.00 - $10.00 off a mani or pedi or maybe a free paraffin? but no clue other than that!! Help!!

do anyone use groupon or living social? is it worth it?
Don't do $$$ off . . . it cheapens the value of your time. It would be better to offer something retail, higher perceived value than actual cost and no time wasted.

Consider how department store cosmetic brands do promotions . . . gift with purchase, NEVER discounts.
Thx.. I thats how I feel also.. could you give examples of higher perceived value??
Spending $5 on a retail item that sells to clients for $10+ . . .