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Full Version: has anyone used gelaze by china glaze?
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China glaze and gelaze is having a huge sale at Sally's till end of month. I bought a few of the gelaze and haven't used it yet. I was wondering if anyone has tried it. There is no base coat just 2 coats of gelaze and topcoat.
the colors are so beautiful! I hope they work as nice as they look. Trying them out on Saturday on a client
I've tried two of them (Secret Periwink-le and Flip Flop Fantasy) and they're not bad. They do stain, so I still use a base coat. Bu they have good coverage, are pretty durable and remove easily. The colors aren't anything I haven't seen elsewhere, but they're easy to get at Sally, so I will probably buy a few more.
I guess the colors seem beautiful because thd price was too. Buy 1 get 1 free. I paid $8.08 for 4 bottles! If they work well, can't get more beautiful. That sale ended 3/31.
Used a perwinkle color and this was my first time using this brand today. The directions say to use 30 seconds under LED. It didn't seem like enough because the gel was going onto the brush of topcoat. Any suggestions?