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Full Version: *pic* white/pearl ex turquoise
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I bought a bunch of pearl ex pigments from Michaels.. this is the turquoise

[img[Image: Janetturquoisepearlex.jpg]][/img]
Love the color! I just bought the same ones at Michaels. You can do so much with them.


The color is very vibrant. Great job!!
That's beautiful! Did you mix it into acrylic?
Love those nails !
ShawnaMayo :
> That's beautiful! Did you mix it into acrylic?

I mixed the pigment in with my Gel... ( You just need a little bit of pigment) If you use too much it won't cure..

Thanklyou every one for your comments..
Great! I have a crafty aunt that has some Pearl-Ex, now I have something to experiment with between clients this weekend!
Love these!