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Full Version: is it worth coming back?
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I got my nail license in 1986.. had a huge business for 10 years. I was also an educator for OPI for over 5 years. I got married and moved to a rural area outside of Atlanta and couldnt compete with the cut rate salons. I let my license lapse, raised two kids.. got divorced, and ended up back home in south Ga. I met my current husband two years ago. As fate would have it, his family has a well established salon in South Carolina. This January , i got my Ga license back, but it turns out I have to re test for S.c.....
here is my concern.. i was very excited to see all the new products like Shellac..etc..
Then i saw an infomercial for an at home gel light system, with a all in one polish
I am very frustrated.. Is it worth being a professional any more?
Walk down any aisle of any store and you'll find hundreds of cleaning products, but people still hire maids. Sewing machines and fabric are easily purchased, but people still buy clothes. Canning jars and fruit are available at the store, but people still buy jelly.

I guess you see where I'm going with this?... People buy services and products because they can't do something as well as the professionals, or don't have the time or desire to try. Don't assume because Walgreens sells uv lamps they are going to take your business away for gel polish. Lee Press-On nails didn't seem to effect acrylic nails, did they? and nail polish has been sold in stores since the 30s, yet the salon industry still flourished. We all know that clients come in for the services, but they come back for everything else - the atmosphere, the product selection, your charming wit, and of course, your talent. If you love nails and have an opportunity at an established salon, go for it!
yeah, what she said, over & over and over...
...and over, and over...
SC will make you re-take the test if you have a valid GA license??? Are you sure you talked to the right person?
I hold an active SC license and keep it current even though I reside in MD. It's where I originally got my license (cosmetology). I let my license lapse when I moved to MD because I knew nothing about reciprocity and did not know I could hold multiple active licenses in different states. I have four active licenses (DC/MD/VA/SC).

Anyway, since I have family in SC and thought I may one day move back, I decided to reinstate my license in 2011. It had been inactive for 9 years. I had to pay a couple hundred dollars and get my tb test and some other docs to the SC board but I was able to reinstate my license. If your license has been inactive for 10 years or more, then you have to retest again.

Bowie, MD
I did the same basically.. With our planned move to VA I applied for reciprocity from NY and will most likely continue to pay both states licensing fees..