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Full Version: Dermatitis Allergy Testing
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I have developed contact dermatitis ever since I started using the gel products 4 years ago. It has gotten so bad I needed to see a dermatologist. He wants to do allergy testing on me. He plans on doing the standard test he does for hairdressers. He has also given me tiny discs that I'm supposed to polish on the gels I use most frequently, cure them and bring them in to be used with the testing. The testing is done on my back and I can't shower for two or three days until the results are seen.
Does anyone have any experience with this testing? Are there certain ingredients that he should be testing me for? Thanks, Kelly*
I just got testing done for allergies, one that was environmental and the other was chemicals. I didn't have to bring anything in, he had everything from skin care to waxing ingredients, a full salon testing.I had the bandages on Monday and Wednesday they were removed so no showering since Monday morning.Your doctor should have all he or she needs to do proper testing. He was testing me because of outbreaks on my eye and neck. He said I have exzcema..Good luck.
Well I had my allergy patch testing done on Monday and I will have the patches removed this morning. I only have 14 patches on my back. 7 were the standard hair dressing tray and the other 7 were some of the products I use at the salon. My back is itching like crazy so I'm anxious to get these patches off. I don't know if the itching is because of the tape or because I'm having a reaction. I will go back again on Friday for a second check and to talk with the doctor. I will post my results. SmileKelly*