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Full Version: going back to work
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I have taken the past 9 months off and just recently gone back to work.. I went to a large day spa.. hourly and commission, whichever is greater... so far.. it's not working for me.. I am interviewing at a new place tomorrow. she does a reverse commission. Anyone ever heard of or done this? Basically I pay her a percentage of what I make.. instead of straight commission or booth rental... but that's all I know.... Thx!!
As far as I know, this is not legal . . .
I actually do a version of this with my new techs.

They are booth renters. They have a lease. For the first 3 months their rent is a portion of the income from their services limited to the amount I charge for a monthly rent.

For example, if the tech does a service and gets $50 for it. I charge 25% or $15 to go towards the rent amount. The rest is hers. I only collect up to the amount I normally charge for monthly rent ($200). If the tech doesn't reach the $200, then what she has paid IS her rent for that month. Starting the 4th month, the rent is $200. Of course, I am completely flexible and will work with the tech. I'm in this to help create success!

This allows the tech to focus on building her client base without stress and still have an income.

It's not against the law, it's how I have my lease written. As a landlord, you can basically write your lease requirements (within the constraints of law) and collect your rent any way you wish.

If this is what that new place is doing, make sure you have a lease that is written that way.
Harmonysky: you give some awesome advise and you're so encouraging! I always learn something when I read your posts. I wish I could have worked for an owner like you when I got out of school. Are you going to Orlando? If so, I'd love to meet you! :-)

Bowie, MD
Chrissy, thank you for the kind words! So many wonderful nail techs and business people helped me to able to work at my passion! I'm hoping that I can give a little back and show people that this is an amazing industry that has so much potential!

Time isn't allowing me to attend Orlando. However, I will be at the Smoky Mountain event in Gatlinburg at the end of June.

You can friend me on Facebook if you wish! Sharon O'Rourke Frenz

I love FB! The internet has made my world both smaller and larger at the same time!
harmonysky..... thanks for responding.... yes, after we spoke.. that was pretty much the convo.. we are getting back together tomorrow to go over final numbers before I decide.... any advice?? Smile
Make sure you have any agreement in writing. And don't sign anything till the lease is something you and her both agree upon. Then make sure she follows it to the LETTER! And you follow your part, too! It takes 2 to make a salon agreement happen.

Plus, don't get mad if she follows the rules of the lease. That will make sure everyone involved is working together.

Good luck!