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Full Version: Double/Triple Desks
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Does anyone/has anyone worked at a double desk that they share with another tech? Like nail bar style or other multiple techs at a continuous desk style?

I am hiring another nail tech and will need to change my desk style in order to have room for a second one in my small studio.

I really like the look of the double desks-- both desks in one long line. But have never worked at this sort of set up and am wondering if 2 people working on 2 different clients (ie: 4 people at one table, essentially) is going to make either of us crazy down the line?

Will it result in too much movement?
Will I not be able to do detailed hand painting while the other tech is hand filing?
That sort of thing?

Or would it be better to just build each desk seperately and arrange them next to eachother?

Ironically I do * however I work alone * with that being said I've jokingly BUT seriously told the owner I need both desks... If I'm not doing a Mani let's say I move over my Mani bowl, sometimes I just keep stuff on that other space while doing a fill*keep things out of my way...when we had another tech- I had her
Sit in the double nail desk behind me! Lol