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Full Version: Weekly income
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Curious to know what a good week in revenue is for other salons?

We just opened and recently had our best week -$3000. Straight revenue without any deductions. Our bad weeks are around $1200.

I would really like to be able to say a bad week is $3000...just hoping to get there sooner rather then later.

Also, how many clients do you average a day?

The answers would vary considerably from salon to salon, depending on how many stations/employees, days/hours open, pricing, services offered etc. It's hard to compare without additional details.

My goal is to fill the schedule with standing appointments, and generate at least a $1/minute per employee every day.
You can't compare yourself to other salons on this board because we are all in different geographic areas, have different specialties and services, cater to different clientele, have different overhead costs, etc.

If you want to set a revenue target, figure out the total cost to run your business each month (lease, product, insurance, utilities, payroll, etc), divide it by the total number of working hours for all techs, and you can figure out the average $s per hour you need bring in to hit your revenue goals. You can track each week (or daily) to see how you are doing.
Thanks for the input Ladies.

Since we just had our best day I was interested to hear how much a good day is for other salons. I've tried to search online for raw revenue numbers and haven't been able to find any.

Just curious because we have only been open for 3 months so we'd like to know what other salons consider a good days revenue.

I know of salons with 30 stylists, a couple of estheticians and nail techs as well as salons that are owner operated so obviously there best days will be nowhere near the same. I have never crunched the numbers but it appears Jaime has.

If you take Jamie's formula of $1 a minute per employee that would equate to $480/employee in an 8 hour shift (480 minutes). So if your salon employs 6 people you daily goal is $2880 in gross sales.

Just as important if not more important than sales is overhead. How much does it cost you per day to open the door? Rent, heat, insurance, all of your fixed costs. What is your break even point? How do you pay your employees, as this will be over and above your fixed costs.

Crunch your numbers, set some goals and service your clientele like no other!