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Full Version: Looking for feedback Please!
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Please check out my site and give me some feedback! I would really like to make my site easy to use.
What would you, as a Nail Tech like to learn from my website? If you are on my site, you can click on the youtube button to see more videos!
And you can also go to my Group Page on FB called- The Art Of The Pen.

What do you think of my new Invention the CLAZY GRIP?
Looking for constructive critiquing!
Any thoughts?
not bad easy to navigate the design is simple. I think it's lacking some more visual aspects that major websites have, perhaps you can
add some image header, to me it's just big bold fonts, with words and no visuals that pop up that makes some
other website seem cool.
I really like your site! I would add some cutie nails pictures in your header not to have so much white space!
Good job overall!