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Full Version: Reverse method, how long does it take?
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Hi everyone! I am trying & learning the reverse method, I use gel, not acrylic & I love the way the reverse looks but I still don't have the hang of it, it's not as easy as it looks! (to me,anyway) how long did it take for you to get it 'perfect' I'm practicing but still not good enough to try on clients! Any imput? Thanks!!
you will get your time up, the best advice i can give is to watch two vids.. one would be the gel series on young nails website.. he uses that method with both acrylc and gel
also go to amy becker's website (masterworks gel) she has a similiar method..
to me reverse is easier and bangon for smile lines but it does take a bit more time especially when you are just learning it.. but you will speed up
I learned reverse method from Young Nails' website as well. it's a very good tutorial. I find that once you get the hang of it, it is both easier, faster and just plain looks better. The first few times I did it, it took me a couple of hours to complete a set, but now I can generally knock on out in about an hour depending on if I encapsulate anything or not.


I have a very difficult time grasping the reverse method when applying the pink in the correct thickness. For me they turn out to thick and I I have to do to much file work for shaping in the end. When I watch the videos I think the nails also look way thick while they build and I can get a much more natural clean look with the white first. In my opinion we should all do what works best for us. And absolutely try different methods so we know what our best way is. I don't believe that the nails look better reverse or traditional. As I said I can get a much nicer line white first. But that's me.
sobeit :
In my opinion we should all do what works
> best for us. And absolutely try different methods so we know what our best
> way is.

I agree! what works for one isn't necessarily the best option for another. I almost always do reverse because I just cannot make a good line doing to the white first! for me it's always blurry, but a woman I work with can't do the reverse.
I'm not only slow, my smiles are crooked, I have a hard time visualizing where to build the smile, I do pretty good the traditional way & I just took the owc in gel with young nails this past august, I did pretty good but I guess I need to practice, practice, practice, it doesn't come natural to meSmile
Sobiet your right, whatever works for each person varies, in the class from yn they taught us 3 different methods for sculpting, filling in, & everything so you had a variety of choices, i'm hoping to get quicker & have rockin' smilelines!! Thanks everyoneSmile