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Full Version: Misc Pedi ideas posted by Keri
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These are way too fun.

First and foremost: Jimmy Buffet on the CD player
Offer client a Margarita
Serve Key Lime pie
Margarita mix goes in the tub..about 1 cup
Float lemon and lime slices in the water
Lime oil in the tub

Exfoliate the heels using 1/2 a lemon cut across the width. Sprinkle Dead Sea Salts on the lemon and exfoliate the heels with the lemon.

Massage with unscented lotion and add Lime Oil

Finish with a paraffin dip

I charge $55 for my Specialty Pedis

And I won't allow any dull, boring, neutral polish on the tootsies. Pompei Purple and American Ocean are my favorites.

Anne :o)

Keri <nailsbykeri AT>
Lake Mary, FL USA
We have the same name. That's a first for me. I've never met someone with the same spelling as I do.

And as for the recipe... SOUNDS WONDERFUL! :lol: I bet you could do that kinda idea to all sorts of things. Thanks!