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Full Version: gelish educators please
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I have seen threads that say you can use gelish structure both under and or on top of the color. My question is do I place color or top it off over the structure tacky coat or do I need to wipe and then apply ? thanks
Second question first: No, you don't need to wipe the dispersion layer on Structure before you apply Gelish color or Top It Off. Cure the Structure layer, then apply your chosen next layer and proceed as you would normally with a gel polish service.

First question: You can use either Gelish color or Top It Off over Structure, it's really your client's choice as to whether they want a natural look or a polished look. Structure can used to add strength to a nails that are weak and need some extra support, or it can be used on nails that have naturally occurring deep ridges that would look more esthetically pleasant smoothed out or even to fill dents, pick marks, and blemishes from having nail extensions improperly removed previously.

Hope this answers your question, but if you think of something else, don't hesitate to ask!
I love everything gelish and am working with the hard gel as well . Soooo many products, sooo little time to experiment , thus the questions. thank you for replying. I had some top coat peel from the structure and now I wonder if I actually grabbed a different topcoat and it may not be compatible
Top It Off can peel occasionally if you do not cap the edges of the nail with it as you put on your finishing layer or it you file after it's cured which can break the seal and leave the edge open to peel upwards. I will put cap/ edge the nail in the top coat first and then put a coat on the surface before I cure so that there is no bump/ ridge at the end of the nail. Although I've never had the bump happen with Gelish, I've had it occur with other brands previously so I started capping the edge first and then smoothing over the top of the nail surface so that everything blended seamlessly.