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Full Version: how do I know if my license
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Will be reciprocated from ne to az. Im moving there in 3 months.
When I thought we were possibly moving to SD, I called the SD licensing division to confirm what I needed instead of the NE division. Turns out I would need additional hours on top of what I did for schooling 13years ago. Glad we didnt move!
Anyway, I would contact the AZ division and they will give you all the answers.
Thank you
You need to contact BOTH state boards.. not every state reciprocates with others.. each will tell you if they can transfer and can accept your license and what hoops you need to jump through to make it happen. I was VERY lucky, 2 emails, 2 forms filled out, 2 checks and my NY license was accepted as is in VA and was waiting in my mail box next time we went to the house there.. A friend gave up trying to get reciprocity from FL to NJ because of what they wanted her to do.. good luck!