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Full Version: soakoff Gelish/help
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Hi,I would like to know the sreps you use to soak off Gelish and Shellac,its not coming off easy for me,starts to come off then hardens back,dont want to damage anyone's nails
When you're ready to remove the foil wraps from your clients' nails, take off 1 wrap and remove the Gelish from that nail, THEN move to the next finger and remove the wrap from the 2nd finger and remove the Gelish from that finger, and so on. If you remove the wraps from all 10 fingers and then start to remove the softened Gelish from the 1st nail, the remaining 9 nails will start to harden in the air. Leave the nails wrapped until you're ready to work on each one and only unwrap the 1 you're about to do. HTH!