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Full Version: Nail Art- LETS GET CLAZY!
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I'm Baaaaaaaaack!
I have been busy for the last year working on my own Brand of Nail Art Supplies!
I'm very excited to show you here on BT where my love for BT's
Clay Canes first began!
*Thanks, to the Wicked Witch* for Keeping my Designs up all these years! It's nice to be appreciated!
I plan to hangout here a lot more! So if you need any Tech support please don't hesitate to ask!

I have a Passion for helping people learn Nail Art With my Designer Paint Pen. If you have a Pen we can cover it for you!
We specialize in making CLAZY GRIPS! They slide onto the back of your pen to make them PRETTY. But they also serve a purpose! They give your pen a little more for you to hold onto. I feel that it gives me more control while drawing fine lines on the nails.

And we have Kits with Nail Jewelry and Crystals to BEDAZZLE both your Pens and Grips!

The Fun Never Stops!!!! We also have our own version of 3D hand manipulated Clay Nail Art!
[video=youtube][email protected][/video]
Like the Designs we do with BT cane slices, My New Brand can be used on Top! Do your awesome cane style. And then
add one of my kits to the mix!

If you add me to your Google+ circles I will add you back!
Thanks for your support,
Tess Walters
FB GROUP- The Art Of The Pen