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Full Version: IBD Clear Soak Off Gel
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I just started using the IBD Clear Soak Off Gel on my client's natural nails and the product is not lasting long on her nails. It sometimes peels off while I am filing out or when she comes back for a fill in the product has chipped from the free edge. Do I have to use the Bonder with this product or can I use primer? Does this product work good over natural nails? What am I doing wrong?
Make sure you're doing a good prep before application. What steps are you following for prep?

Yes, you should be using a bonder (ibd power bond) or if you have one you like (young nails protein bond is a good one) you can use that. Since it's a soak off gel, you only wanna use the bonder on the free edge of the nail. That makes it easier to remove the product when soaking off. It works on natural nails, but it is a soak off product so if you're applying it and hoping it will act as a hard gel, then you need to use the ibd hard gel. When I use this soak off gel, I soak off and reapply every week or two weeks when I change my polish or designs. I don't do infills with this product. I hope this helps.

Bowie, MD