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Full Version: Harmony hard gel .. Help!
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I have not used this gel for months and then it was only couple times. I have a client who requested to try it again after naked nails for two months. Except she is a picker, uses press on nails with the nail glue provided with them or super glue. So in January I applied a fullest of tips with gel overlay. She said the next week they all broke off at the tip line. So she applied press on nails again. Two weeks ago she came back. I filed harder than normal to remove all glue traces. Her nails are too short to apply forms to sculpt. And I do not feel confident yet to sculpt. I bought a gel glue and tried different tips. I tried three times to apply tips and they would not adhere! I wrote out the instructions step by step, took my time with cleansing and prep. We agreed to overlay on her natural nails. She comes back tomorrow, Thursday, night. Not sure what to expect. Help!!! I think it's the glue she uses but ...