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Full Version: Onycholysis
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Hi all, I'm new to all this as of today & I hope someone can help.

I saw an old forum about Onycholysis on here and wanted to know more.

I fell in love with Shellacs last summer so bought a kit myself and apply it myself at home. I asked when I bought it if it would damage my nails at all using it all the time & was told it wouldn't.

Unfortunately, after using it non-stop, re-applying once a week, for over 6 months, all my nails have began to lift. I know it can be for many different reasons but the latest one I heard is that it's from soaking my fingers nails in acetone based remover once a week as it can be so severe on the nail bed. Is this true?

I have a wedding coming up in a month but have my nails cut back to the butts so that I might get rid of the nail lifting.

Any suggestions on how to speed up the repairing process? Should I use Shellac again but just not so often?

Appreciate any help out there.