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Full Version: IBS NY
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Hello - who is going to IBS NY? I'm going Sunday!
aw poo.. I'm heading in on Mon with Maureen & Elena (LI Network Day)
I'm planning on being there on Sunday too. Smile
Sorry I will likely miss out on seeing you Deb!
aww poo.. well Blame Maureen & Elena.. I can go either day but both need to go on Monday Smile
Looking forward to it!
So - IBS was pretty good Sunday- crowded. I took a class with a girl from Christrio & was great - learned a lot & I really love using their gels!
I also took a class with LeChat - very interesting that their "gel" is a brush on in a bottle gel with powder sprinkled on top & then cured. I watched various demos @ Akzentz, YN, CND, etc....
Got some good deals too! Can't wait to try LeChat color changing gel polish & all the gel colors I purchased with Christrio.
I purchased a "real" gel brush that wasn't one of those $3 specials- so I'm a bit nervous to use it!
Just curious what everyone else bought - saw - etc.....
I was there too! It was a great show. Though I spent most of it at the Harmony booth, I did get a chance to check out Gina Silvestro's swarovski crystals and Akzent's new hard gel.