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Full Version: Marketing Techniques
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What are you most successful Marketing Techniques?

We've had the best luck with an article written by a local reporter and posted on Facebook.

We recently passed out 50% Off coupons and did not get any back.

Curious what has worked for others. We have only been open for 3 months.
Try and get hairdressers in your area to wear your nails or at least refer their clients to you. Ask them to help you "sell" your business. If they don't want to get their nails done by you, give them gas cards, gift certificates, or any other incentive. Put it down as marketing expense.

I've also done very well by posting in our local buy and sell Facebook page that I'm looking for models for a "special project". Even if that project is for you to do their nails and rate their experience and customer service or even for a photo shoot (which is what I did), then you have ready made customers AND referrals!

Think outside the box. Don't be afraid to give a little to get a lot!