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Full Version: Re-useable toe seperators..
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I bought some silicone toe seperators that are disinfectable and re-useable. I had a client make a comment about them and i am curious.. Would you let a nail tech use them if you went into a salon? I have asked a couple people who think i should use the disposable kind. I honestly didnt think anything bad since i disinfect them.
I personally like disposables.
I just used the other ones because people say they are more comfortable. I appreciate the input. Maybe i should start using disposables.
I like the cheap knock offs of OPIs two tone seperators. They are so comfortable and are uber cheap. I let clients throw them out or keep them.
I agree, it is nice to see smart clients who are concerned about sanitation... I use both the disposable and take away, depending on the toes
it is also one less thing to fuss with
At my new job I found a bin with slippers unwrapped... I don't know for sure but I suspect they are used (they are disposable though)..... million dollar question is -- did they try to sanitize them?????