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Full Version: hard gel & temperature question
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Have a friend working at a foreign owned salon- she said that they apply primer,bbase gel layer, then thick layer of "heated gel"-- huh?
She said the gel is kept on these little heater things (like mug warmer I believe).
Anyone else do this?
Any benefit?
Its IBD hard gel.
I had done this by accident one day, I put my pot of gel on the radiator while moving things around. The gel wasnt as thick and was much easier to spread. So now I use one of those coffee cup warmers and keep the pot of gel on great.
Interesting- that's kind of what I thought.... thanks
I've never heard of a special warmer for gel, but there are a couple I put on the top of my gel lamp (under the desk lght) bit under my light to warm them before use to improve spread... like IBD clear, some clients insist it is the most shiny, but... it's thick, warmed up it flows
I see in my new salon they use mug warmers to keep the gels on so they flow better....
All of my gels get set on a heating pad with a towell on top of it. I turn it on low when I get there. Makes them great to work with.
Thank u!