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Full Version: SOG base coat + acrylic powder
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During gel color application I heard some nail tech sprinkle acrylic powder on the base coat to add strength, then cure, base coat again, cure, and then proceed with color choice. Does anyone do that? If so, how's the result? Thanks
I do this.. I usually use a clear powder, a very fine grind one.. I find it helps with those who are a little rough on their nails.. it gives just a little more strength.. if there is a crack you are trying to save I sometimes also put a small piece of fiberglass or silk or if all else fails a piece of tea bag paper Smile (yea thats real old school!) right into the uncured base THEN the sprinkle then cure and sometimes repeat that..
Thanks! I'll try that too!
Great info thanks!
This technique is one method of doing "acrygel." It absolutely adds strength and does the best repairs. However for some people (me included) it is much harder to remove--for others it removes easily. YouTube has a few videos on acrygel for more information.
It depends on what was used for base as to how difficult it will be to be removed.. you can use an email or hand file the color off - carefully of course - because you have that little extra thickness on the base.. yes.. Starnail Acrygel is one such system , LeChat has one called PowderGel
Debbie which clear do you use that works... Would like to know first hand. ;0)
Thanks appreciate it....!
I have used this with Shellac base and Gelish base.
(03-01-2014, 09:13 AM)AnnAnn Wrote: [ -> ]I have used this with Shellac base and Gelish base.
Would you give me the sieps,and also how you soak off Thanks

Your best bet to understand this application is to watch some YouTube videos. Soak off is the same as any SOG manicure but it may take longer to remove. Many claim it takes only an additional 5 minutes. My experience was that it was extremely difficult to remove. I did fills--filing off the old SOG carefully and being careful not to file down to the natural nail. There are also videos on doing fills.