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Full Version: Good deal on slimline lamp
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Where can I find these lamps? Even on amazon, they are $160 and I know I have seen them cheaper somewhere . Any ideas?
I bought mine from Dick Blick Art Supplies for $118.
JoAnn Fabrics usually have 50% off codes. I think it's listed for $170. I got mine a few weeks ago; still had to pay shipping but it was still cheaper than anywhere else I found (right around $100)
Yea I got mine there also.. you have to watch their sale and shipping offers.. Joanns , Michaels & all the craft stores.. use their coupons but watch you are getting I think its called "true lite"
Joann's has the Daylight LED slimline lamp and it is AWESOME. I had been using an ottlite and couldn't believe the difference.
Dini, you know what?? I was having a senior moment! I bought the Daylight one also and yes its amazing Smile I have smaller OTT lamps too..
So I am wanting the LED slimline and NOT an OTT light? I found a new one on ebay for $112 with free shipping. Just want to make sure
Yes, the Daylight slimline LED lamp. It's cheaper at Joann's right now with 40% off and they have free shipping
Thats the slimline.. I have a floor model not the table model, ts a really nice unit
My lamp came today. What was I waiting for, it is amazing and so small compared to my old office max lamp. I will miss the heat sinc the salon is always so cold. What a great investment!