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Full Version: hand file/ electric file
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This might sound odd but I use an Efile 99% of the time to remove hard gel layer to do a fill
I seem to have eliminated lifting issues I was having ....finally feeling confident things are coming together for me somewhat!
I have a client that is afraid of efile - I did her 1st set - all good- did her 1st fill all good- she came in yesterday for her next fill & had a nail hanging on by a thread & all others looked OK visually. I started to hand file & was finding lifting all over - even the middle- almost chasing the lift at this point!

Can my hand filing (vs. Efile) be causing more lifting?

It is possible to break the seal when filing by hand if you use too much pressure or file with a very hard grit on hard gel or freshly applied acrylic. For gel I would stick with a 180 grit for surface filing.
You should never file on the lifted area. This will cause the lift to grow, and you'll be chasing it. Always file where the product is attached. Any lifting will flake away.
Sometimes also we think we took care of everything at the last fill, and it shows itself on the next one. Especially with pocket lifting.
Thank you as always!!!!!!!!!
Such good advice about filing above the lift where the product is still attached. Flakes off everytime , and leaves no fill lines after product is reapplied.
I actually do that so much better with Efile then hand file- not sure why either?