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Full Version: old newbie in the making
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Hi there, I am 48 yr old medical biller in N. CA. that has finally decided to do what everyone has told me to do for decades, go to nail school so I can do nails. I have looked into it before, but night classes were not offered through our local beauty college. I just became aware of a "newer" school in town that offered night classes, and I will start next month. I started doing my own nails when I was in my 20's and have taught myself acrylics, gels, sculptured, tips, etc., so I'm not really starting from scratch. It is very exciting and yet a bit scary at the same time, as I wont be quitting my job during or after school (at least not for a while). I am hoping to find a salon that will let me work evenings and weekends, otherwise, it will be just word of mouth that I will depend on. I am also looking into having a mobile nail service, and would love any information anybody can give me on that (almost all the info I have found online is from the UK). Thanks Smile
Good for you! and welcome to our world.. many many of us are transplants from other industries.. yes you probably have a leg up in the technique department because you have been doing your own so long.. just keep in mind that experience and knowledge needs to be put on the shelf while you attend school and take your boards. The whole purpose of school is to get you to pass your boards and, as in many cases, what you learn in school has no true correlation to what you do in the real world.

As far as the mobile thing, you need to make sure your state allows it under the circumstances you want to move in. Some states don't allow it at all, other have major restrictions (for instance home bound only, and you must have a xxhr/wk job in a brick & mortar salon). So head over to the CA state board/licensing site and see what they say.. thats where you will get your best information.

As you start school, you can start word of mouthing for guinea pigs.. err.. victims.. err.. friends who want free nails Smile Make sure you are very clear that while in school they can supplement your supplies, but after school they will have to start paying.. Ask the instructor if there are any special rules in CA about working on your friends at home while in school.. that may not be allowed there either..

Thanks for the tips. I start school on March 3. I am very excited, even though it will make for VERY LONG DAYS. I work 8-5 and class is 6-10, m-f. But, I'm sure 5 months will fly bye Big Grin I really like the idea of asking friends and family to "pay" me with supplies. How do they do that? Do I tell them what I need? They wont have access to pro-supplies. Undecided
you will have to take money from them to purchase the products.. yes the time should fly by and yea thats really long days.. most of us did it that way... I only went 3 nights a week but for something like 7 or 8 months for my 350 NY hours