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Full Version: How long can you keep nail products?
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I have Tammy Taylor acrylic powders and liquid that's 11 years old. I have nail polish gels ect .. I thought of getting rid of the powders but I don't know if they are still good? Any suggestions thanks Katja
the liquid definitely is no good.. the powder I might keep and use for practice.. but the big thing is technology has changed tons in the past 10 years and the powders today are much more refined so I would think about putting them to pasture also.. Polish should be OK just will have to shake it really good.. gel... humm.. it may be OK I'll let some of the gel peeps chime in there
Thank you that was very helpful Smile
If you look on the labels, you'll see a symbol which looks like an open jar with the lid above it. The number on the jar tells you how many months after opening you can use it.
Ok I'll do that thanks