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Full Version: ISO Topcoat
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Hi All!
I really need a god top coat that won't streak my polish. I tried floating the polish, but my Topcoat still streaked my polish. Argh!
I used both CND Air Dry Topcoat and OPI RapiDry Top Coat. What do you use with good results?
I use Air Dry with no problems. Maybe let your polish dry a little bit longer before applying a top coat? Or put it on more thinly?
If that doesn't work try Seche Vite.
CND's Sticky as a base coat, Seche Vite as a top coat.

Works like a charm. Also, let your polish dry just a hair longer before topping it.
I will have to try it! Thanks Ladies!
Hey Julie,

I use Seche Vite and Out the Door. They both work really well.
I would be more than happy to send you samples of Lumos. It dries in 10 to 12 mins and keeps nails chip free for 7 to 10 days when properly cared for. Also Lumos won nailpro best new product and best top coat this year. We won best base in the UK.