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Full Version: Newspaper advertisement
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There is a local paper that once a year does a kids day to raise money for a local childrens hospital. They let businesses put in coupons in a section.. They sell about 37,000 in 3 hours.. I have decided to put a coupon in to get my name out but not sure what to do. I am newly licensed (nov).. I am still not so great with acrylics and still super slow at acrylics. I do great with manicures and pedicures. Should i offer $5 off or 20% off manicures and pedicures? Or should i include acrylics? I am just not that great with acrylics.. With practice i am getting better but the newspaper goes out in 2 weeks. I appreciate any advice.
Gel or gel polish?
I prefer advertising with a service that has a repeat business myself- anyone can get nail polish- take it off etc..... but gel is something they need a fill for! Gel polish needs proper removal & usually will bring s client back!
I don't do acrylics - sorry!
Well the reason i hesitate doing that is i know of a handful of people who wont do gel.. So i thought if i did a % off mani and pedi then they could choose to get gel or reg polish
Either way - it can't hurt!
I'm finding where I live product choices vary-- seems like acrylic users are very young because a fill can cost $12.99 (yes!), person shopping price, person thinking they are getting gel (because they use gel polish & gel top over acrylic), or someone who thinks its better. Hard gel users are people who can't stand the smell, bad yellowing experience, prefer thin nails ( I see acrylics & gels from other salons soooooo thick though), they think its better for them - lol. The salon I'm in doesn't offer acrylic - the last salon I was in didn't offer acrylic either- I personally prefer gel & haven't had much acrylic experience since school & shortly after.....
Good luck!!!