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Full Version: Nail Tech Chair
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I'm trying to find the best chair for Nail Techs. I did a search on this site, and found a post from 2012 in which a few people liked the saddle chairs. Is this still what is recommended for a tech working up to 10 hour days? Are there any new favorites?
I don't know. Having the same issue... everything I try is killing me.
I have saddle stools for our pedi area and we both love them. I've been thinking about getting them for the nail stations too. They are great at reducing the amount of pressure on the backs of your legs versus a traditional chair.
Some have been enjoying the exercise ball chairs too, but I have not tried them, so could not give any opinion on them.
I just spent three times what I thought I would on a chair that seems to be the answer to my (our) problems. If it is, it's worth it. It's the Comfort Soul Estheticians Chair. Support on the back, lots of adjustments, saddle/seat design. I think this will help prevent my habitual leg crossing, without having my legs hang for so many hours. I found both the original and copy online. I ordered the original. There's a 45 day no charge return policy, then a 20% restock after that. I figure I should know if I like it or not within 6 weeks. I'll post online my findings for those who are interested. I like the idea of the exercise ball chair too.