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Full Version: mask *gloves *ventilation in salon
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I wanted to know if #1 you use a mask when doing a Gel Fill? #2 you where gloves while doing hard gel or SO gel? #3 what ventilation system do you use during gel fill or filing gel? ***I see table top kinds but don't know which is Best- I purchased one from Premier & it isn't great. My salon has a crappy filter fan attached to LED light that doesn't "suck" up dust when I use a carbide bit- a little bit if using sanding band--- basically I'm covered in dust.
May I ask which one you purchased from Premier?
The Breath Easy
I do not use a mask, but have been thinking gloves might be a good idea. I know that in NJ, they are required to wear them now, I don't think its a bad thing to do.
For dust removal, Right now I use the Partigone, it works pretty well, but I cannot find it on their site anymore. I have been considering the Aerovex system, mostly because it would allow us to have more than 1 station taken care of and the filters are easy to change, can be recycled and come with postage paid envelopes too.
If I go with the Aerovex, I will just move the partigone over to the gel toe station. Smile
Thanks Darcy!
I hope this isn't a stupid question - you mentioned gloves are required now- I feel dumb asking how you know & where can I find out/ keep up with changes? Gloves for all services ? Just pedi's? I'm sorry - I suppose if my employer isn't keeping up with regulation - I should so I can present this info to them!
I appreciate your response!
Thank you!
There are no stupid questions. Smile
I am actually in NY, but know that NJ requires them because a friend works there. I usually check for updated regulations on the Department of State's website. They have the law booklet there, so I can just download it as a PDF.
Try googling the Dept of state website for your state, you should come up with something there.
Thanks ! I found that - 64 pages - I'll look through today!