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Full Version: Frustrated!! Nail seperation issues!
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Im currently using Akzentz gel for my overlays and have been having nothing but issues. Ive tried ALL of the bonding gels....Sure bond, affixit at the free edge, opti bond & opti gel. Ive read that you can try different bonding gels, so Ive tried connector from en Vogue, as well as Linkage from T.E.N and everyone seems to always have nail seperation at the free edge or the ends chip.
Im frustrated beyond belief and don't know what to do anymore.
I just purchased GELISH bc I have heard good things about it. However, I have also read that its rarely ever the "product " its something that the tech is doing wrong. Im not sure what else to do. If anyone can steer me in the right direction or have any tips and tricks, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
Are you capping the free edge when you are doing your gel overlay? Are you using a regular gel or a soak off gel?
The Akzentz is a soak off line yes, but Ive tried using the colors with classic gel lines as well. I cap the free edge, but sometimes I tend to file the free edge after the fact to reshape.
Jess, when you say seperation, exactly where and how are they doing it? Sometimes, it can be caused by the product being too thin at the tip, other times it's due to the gel not bonding with a's not about the different products or bonders....give us a bit more info.

If it's on the tip, it's a bonding issue, if it's on natural nails, it's generally caused by leaving it too thin on the tip and the natural tip will flex and move, making the gel break loose in the process kinda like polish will come loose on a natural nail at the tip. The gel needs to be thick enough to stand alone if the nat. nail flexes. If you see the edges of the nat. pulling away on the sides and tips of the gel, then you know it's caused by the nail drying and pulling away, shrinking up from lack of oil, also. If your gel application is thick enough, the gel will remain and protect the nat. nail up to a point but not against a client's picking!