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Full Version: Source for large gems, crystal bows
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Im trying to find a one stop shop for large pretty crystals, bows and gems. Any ideas?
Seriously no one?? This forum is so different than the old days when help was plentiful.
Hey Jennie! I posted a similar question the other day and got a couple answers; eBay,, the shop, and a couple others. I am going to assume we are looking for similar items-the big chunky pieces/gems seen in a lot of Japanese style nail art. Unfortunately I didn't have much luck with the suggestions given to me, other than eBay, as many of the other sites didn't have what I was looking for. I'm thinking eBay may be the way to go, being I didn't have much luck other places. Sad hope that helps you a little!
Elegant Glass Nails has these things. I'm not sure exactly how the bows are, my order should be here today, but I did get a sampling of both the "blingy" kind and the colorful plastic ones and they are pretty cute. Their crystals are nice, too. Their glitters are to die for!!!
Honestly, I don't "one stop shop" any more. I go to many outlets. Ebay, Amazon, dollar nail art are main ones. I also go to Michael's, Hobby Lobby and local bead stores for lots of stuff. Half the fun is the shopping!
I got all of these from ebay
[Image: 1383217_237161913106148_43488826_n.jpg]
I will say that the rhinestones tend to fall out. Even the ones I got from sally's that was $4 for just 2! The fix I've found for that is to seal around the edges with a hard gel. I use a dotting tool to do that. You want to use a "hard-hard" gel nothing that is advertised as flexible. I use OPI Axxium clear overlay gel (just because I had this lying around) it works well.
I know them from Instagram. They have great selection.

Ocean Nail Supply.
Try They have a nice selection and decent prices.

Bowie, MD