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Full Version: appointment book question
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Hello- I am in salon that doesn't do appointments... very frustrating! On Saturday I went in @ 10 & there was a man waiting for a pedi- did that in 40 minutes. Then my reg client walked in @ 11 for a fill & pedi & she brought a friend for a pedi & Mani too! Yikes - my co worker quit last Saturday because we are always sooooo slow! Did the fill, got pedis going- did friend-in walks a lady wanting her weekly hair & a Mani.... in walks a Lady wanting gel polish- the receptionist is expecting me to get them all in and says an hour!
I finish 1 pedi & in walks a lady for hair & French Mani. Regular Mani Lady ends up getting done by the owner, gel polish lady leaves. I finish pedis & now have to #1 hit the ladies room #2 clean my station & 2 pedi stations. Gel polish Lady tries back but French Mani lady is waiting. Gel polish lady never comes back & I finish french Mani & its 2:40pm we r open until 4pm....and I have no one the rest of the day.....
If I could book appointments I very well could have done each one MYSELF- I had 1 hour 20 minutes & could have done that basic Mani the owner did & the gel polish Lady!
*****down side Tuesday I had 1 client & Thursday & Friday I had not one single client!
But I felt it was very unprofessional to b asking me while I'm with a client how long or for receptionist to be saying out loud while I'm with a client - "Norma wants a manicure today".....
OK- how do I start a book?
Take name & phone? Call to confirm day before?
Give reception a list of how long to book services for plus cleanup?
Need some additional information to offer advice. None of the beauty professionals in your salon schedule appointments? Do you control your schedule? Booth renter or employee? What days/hours do you work?

I would go crazy without my schedule : ) Preferred Clients (those with standing appointments) book for entire year at a time, accounting for 75% of available time.
Hello no - this is a full service salon in business 25 years- never took appointments- no appointment book- they are walk in only. I am an hourly employee & control my schedule. The nail side of this salon was opened 18 months ago. I'm currently the only nail tech employee. My hours are Tues Thurs Fri Sat 10-4. The other tech that used to work with me worked 10-7 but ended up being sent home around 4-5 because we are not busy :-(
My normal average # of clients per week is 3-5
Yes per week!
This past Saturday having 6 clients was NOT the norm & I would like to make sure we keep everyone happy.
***example today -Tues- I only had 1 gel fill.
I've worked in other salons that used appointment book --- I've got to really sell the owner on the "concept" of using one!