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Full Version: Polish chipping on pedicure
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Normally with a pedicure the polish doesn't chip fast but I have 1 client who says she has always had a problem with polish chipping on her toe nails. I have tried to use Bond Aide before polishing and it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Can I use a primer? What do you think causes this and has anybody else ever seen this?
She could have very oily nails, it is an actual condition that exists, I have it myself and you can peel polish off me most days. So to combat that, I do a dry, waterless manicure with meticulous cuticle-grooming, and always ensure that my nail plate is free of any oils or lotion before polishing. You can use Bond Aid if you wish to dehydrate the nail plate even further, or alcohol.

You could also suggest a gel topcoat to combat chipping if she's rough on her toes.

Good luck!