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Full Version: I had a nail tech moment...
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I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed there was a rhinestone resting in the inner corner of my eye Big Grin Only in this profession lol
Haha, reminds me of the time a few of us freaked out our husbands by glueing them on to our nose and telling them we all went and had our noses pierced, some of us eventually did it for real...I always have people pointing out that my boobs are dusty, when I don't wear my apron...
Lol- that's funny!
That is funny! I think we probably all have one of these moments too. I have gotten to the end of a day and realized that I had a dab of gel paint on my cheek and I had not used it since one of my earlier clients....Really?? No one thought to mention that? LOL
Lexibunny~That's a cute rhinestone story! I don't know Why I wear black so often for the dust reason alone!