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Full Version: Had a surprise inspection!
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We were pretty busy yesterday and a lady walks in and asks for the manager or owner, I assumed she was one of the million banks, insurance reps, etc that bug me all the time and got all irritated, and then she whipped out her card! I immediately went into a cold sweat for some reason, even though I know we are above and beyond all of the regulations, LOL. I'll give a quick outline of what she did:

Checked all of our posted licenses to make sure none were expired
Reviewed our pedispa cleaning log and spot-checked two spas.
Asked to see implement cleaning process (I had just started the autoclave before she came) and implement storage
Asked to see storage for disposables and also checked a pedi cart
Checked the bathroom to make sure we did not have liquid cleaners that clients could access
Checked laundry area
Checked the waxing/facial rooms for cleanliness and asked about our cleaning process for tables.
checked the waxing pots - lifted the lid, checked the sides and generally reviewed the whole set-up for sticks, etc.

We keep our spa extremely clean and uncluttered and she said something to the effect of we "obviously had it together".
All in all, it was really fast (my staff said they had never seen an inspection go so quickly) and easy. The only thing I didn't do was have up my complaints sign (telling clients which state agency to complain to), which she gave me to hang up. The funny thing is that I have said probably 10 times in the past month I needed to find out what I need to have up for complaints, but could not find the lingo on the website LOL. She passed us 100% though.

I'm in TX, btw.