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Full Version: Nail art supplies?
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Hey ladies! I'm looking for nail art...gems I guess...not the typical rhinestones, but the round flat-back pearls, bows, chunky pieces that are used in Japanese-style nail art. I've checked Sally Beauty, and what I've found there is limited and very overpriced for what you are getting. I'm willing to order online but I'm leery of not being able to actually see what I'm buying as far as shapes and sizes and colors. I've seen some amazing nail designs I'd like to try, and I love the look with these pieces, but they're so hard to find! Does anyone have any suggestions or places you look? I'm in the Omaha area if you know of any other place to suggest. Thanks for any help!
Lucy have you checked right here in the BeautyTech Shoppe? We have loads of very qunie nail art supplies, gems stones, foil and clay canes.. and more & more Smile
everything i've purchased from ebay looks like the picture.
Dollar Nail Art!

Good customer service too