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Full Version: Problem with nails breaking
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I have a client that wears gel polish on her natural nails and ever since we started with the gel polish, her nails are breaking or splitting. Any suggestions of what to do?
Is she using cuticle oil? I found gel polish on natural nail & foil soak off every other week very drying...
Cuticle oil 1 preferably 2 times a day will help keep nails more flexible. Be careful not to be over filing & buffing too too much either.
Yes, definitely cuticle oil applied a couple of times a day would be helpful. Also, if this were my client, I would encourage her to allow me to place a thin layer of hard gel on her nail, then use the Soak off gel over that. This way, you can either file off the soak of and not worry about over filing her nails OR you could continue to soak the gel off, but the hard gel is providing some measure of protection for her natural nails.
Hope this helps.