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Full Version: LED Lamps
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Hi, I'm new at this so please bear with me. In using a 12 Watt led lamp do the curing times have to be longer for gelish polish?
what brand is it?
Hi Sbwalnuss,
Thanks for your response, the brand is Uspicey.
Thanks for your thread on the led lamps. But I need to know specifically if the Uspicey 12 watt led lamp has to cure longer than the 18 watt. I am just using it for myself at home so I don't have to worry about a big clientele.
Thanks everyone,
I'm using a 12W led lamp and curing my polish for at least two to three minutes and when I wipe off the dispersement layer some of my polish is coming off. Can someone tell me why that is. Thanks so much.
Make sure nails are cured on all sides...I tell clients keep fingers flat & I do thumbs separately.
Thanks for your reply, it was very helpful.