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Full Version: electric files & vacuums
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Hello everyone, would like to know if anyone has comments on an electric file and vacuum system, my old file needs replacing and thought I would invest in both. I have been leaning towards the Erica mt-20 and Erica vacuum. Hopefully I can some feed back on these or other equal or better systems.
I love the Erica's MT20 & vacuum system. I actually have had a central vac system set up in my salon for 7 years now so all 6 nails stations have their own port and the motor is in the basement for minimal noise. We only have to empty it once a week, it is powerful enough for all techs to use it simultaneously and even our hair stylists have small vents in the baseboards to sweep the hair trimmings into! Keeps our salon SOOO clean and I haven't had allergy issues since using it! SO the most important benefit is my health Smile

if you cannot get a vacuum system, the Valentino is wonderful. I use it as my backup when traveling or on the rare occasion my central vac system needs service. It is very dangerous to your earth to work without some sort of dust protection

if you go to my youtube page and watch some of my tutorials you will be able to see how well the MT20 vac attachment