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Full Version: Does anyone use footlogix pedicure line?
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Has anyone tried the footlogix pedicure line? What do you think?
I LOVE the FootSoak, it really helps to loosen dead skin, making removal easier. I also LOVE the 3 Extra, cracked heel formula mousse. These are staple products in my salon, the mousse sells like crazy, especially this time of year.
Yay!!!!! Glad to hear something good out there!!!! Thanks!!!!!
I like the callus softener spray.
I absolutely love this line! I won it at a training class - and let me tell you, they made me wish I had started using them sooner. The callus remover is the best I have ever used!!! When all that dead skin falls off so easily, it makes me look like I'm a magician! Lol! Definitely a product line worth investing in and very easy to retail take-home products to clients based on their specific needs.

Bowie, MD