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Full Version: has anyone used Entity "Rainforest"?
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I was trying to find something new to add to my add-on's for pedicures. Found online entity Rainforest line. Was wondering if anyone used it and does the soak have a strong enough scent that the clients will smell it from chair? If i am charging $10 extra they need to smell it. Does the mask and lotion smell nice? Do you like the consistency? How much did you pay if yoiu can remember?
thanks soooo much
I have used this line before, the fragrance is very nice and relaxing, and not overpowering. I did not care for the texture of the scrub and the lotion seemed to absorb quickly, making a nice massage difficult.
Thanks so much! I am very particular about the texture and consistency of scrubs. Lotion that is almost like water is not good either.
I got a sample of the scrub and used it just yesterday. I actually like the texture - it's not grainy or gritty and won't scratch the skin - perfect for spa manicures.

Bowie, MD
I probably should have clarified, I like my scrubs to be a fine textured sugar scrub, they really feel like they are doing something but are still gentle. It seemed to me that the rainforest scrub had scattered little bits of ground shells of some kind and it just did not do a thing for me personally.
Darcy - please do not think I was stepping on your toes - definitely not the case. I am a huge admirer of your work - you're an amazing nail tech!

I know what you mean when you talk about the scrub and ground shells- it was all under my free edge. However, it's gentler than most salt scrubs I've used in the past, but not quite as soft as a sugar scrub - which is what I use now. I haven't used their lotion but the serum was really nice.

Bowie, MD
No Chrissy, I did not take any offense to your post at all as I hope you didn't take any from mine. I know we all have different things that we look for in our product lines and thought that I should have clarified why I did not care for the scrub that much. I really do like the scent and feel of the Entity line otherwise though.
Not at all Darcy. I try so many different products, like we all do, so I love hearing reviews on everything. I have learned so much on this site.

Since I'm chatting with you, can you confirm what I believe is correct? The LE Manicure gel is a hard gel, not a soak-off correct? I use it for rock star toes cuz it's more flexible. Some techs say that it's a I just want to make sure I'm using the product properly. Thanks!

Bowie, MD
You're right, The manicure gel is Not a soak off gel. Its Great for the rockstar toes! Smile
i bought a small kit and I am not crazy for it. I am used to a scrub with more substance and the soak is no big deal. I certainly wouldn't buy it again.