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Full Version: BABY SOFT HANDS posted by Tee
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1Tbsp sugar
Baby Oil
Lemon Juice (optional)

Stand over sink
Spoon sugar into palm of hand
Completely cover sugar with baby oil
You may add a few drops of lemon juice if you like.
Rub hands vigorously (front and back) almost until sugar dissolves-- about 3 mins or so.
Rinse hands in warms water and dry.

Makes hand feel soft and smell heavenly!
I learned this "quick-fix" from a friend in Dallas, TXSmile It works especially well on men's handsSmile
Tee <w8n4u2b1 AT>
Washington, DC USA
You know for years I have been adding sugar to Olive oil and taking it in the shower with me! Take your shower, turn off water, scrub down head to toe and stand there till sugar starts to melt then rinse! But don't rinse with soap! you want the oil to stay and feed your skin and your soul! I like the Olive oil better then the baby oil since baby oil is a larger molecule and does not penatrate the skin as well. It is made of Mineral oil or liquid petroleum base. Where as the Olive oil is a small molecule and gets right in to your skin. I love the added Lemon Juice! That will help lighten the skin and just add that much more to the sent!