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Full Version: Bad press for beauty industry
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Has anyone seen this Walgreens ad before? I am so tired of marketing discrediting our industry, from Groupon to the chain stores that lowball prices and pay staff so little. I am going to try and contact the company on this one. I really try to educate people on how quality is more important to look for than just a deal. Is anyone else feeling challenged to keep the respect in our business?
I HATE that Walgreens commercial !!!! Such a huge slap in the face ! And I wonder what a $ 10.00 pedicure gets you...except maybe fungus...
Yes this ad made me cringe.
I hate it too!!!!
I hate bargainers and people who devalue professional work. Why can't we just make money together.
I hate them too!
YES!! I saw this and was like Really???
It's not only bad, but confusing. The first few times I saw it I thought "what? Walgreens is giving $10 pedicures?"
I know I have always learned cheap does not always mean quality or value. I can say that most everything I pay more for ,I usually enjoy, and get my money's worth out of it. You get what you pay for !
I actually thought REALLY? when I saw this, plus I told hubby; did she really just walk out without paying. If it were my client I would've called the cops on her, as I laughed. Not making light of the situation. I just know that this is a forever and ongoing real life thing, cheapo prices. The public always wants GORGEOUS nails and they don't care what goes on their nails. STUPID! There will always be people like that. It would be nice if the media would would show us in a better light. Thanks Walgreen's, NOT!