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Full Version: Could you recommend good nail tech schoolos?
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Hello everyone,

I am new to cosmetology industry and was researching around the web to find this wonderful forum.
I wanted to ask for any recommendation for nail tech schools. I tried googling but most programs they have seems to combine hair/ nail/ and skin all together. I would like to find a school that provides classes for only nails. I live in Dallas TX.

It would be great to get some inputs on this.

Thank you everyone!
from what I understand, the schools are dropping the manicuring course due to lack of enrollement, plus they make more if you do the full course. If you do find one that provides the mani class, then go for it. Chances are you won't really learn much there, you're just there for your hours. You'll get waaaay more info and training here than at your school. Good Luck!
Ogle is probably the best school in the Dallas area, unless Aveda offers that course.
Donna is right! I am on week 5 of school here in Austin and I'm not learning anything new. I learn everything on here and youtube. Good luck with school!
i always have to say that the colleges that have beauty school classes are the way to go as far as if you need to make sure your grant money gets in your hand and not to the school, the colleges are held more accountable for that issue. on the other hand, aveda is a great school and paul mitchell for learning hair for sure. not many are going to do full cosmo and really push the nails issue in the class.due to that is not required with full cosmo lic only the basics of manicure and pedicure. i was very lucky with my cosmo class where i had a teacher that actually knew the value in learning every aspect of that cosmo lic. you still will have to leave school and take more classes to get really up to spead on nails as well as more intensive facial aspects when you do full cosmo. but full cosmo i think is the way to go. makes you versitile in any market