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Full Version: Adding eyelashes
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Has anyone added this service to their nail salon? If so, which brands do you use? And is it a popular service?

We do have an Esthetician License.

I just looked into this earlier this week. There are lots of companies - I'm going with Nova Lash as they are pretty popular right now. Xtreme Lash is a great company too, but if you don't have "lash" in your business title or are not an upscale spa, they will not list you in their directory. Their training is very expensive so I can't see paying all that money to not be listed in their directory. I'm a licensed cosmetologist so I was baffled when they told me this, but I was glad I did research.

The Nova Lash educator I spoke with was very knowledgable, super professional and answered all of my questions. I looked at about 20 companies prior. If you wanna sell this service, train with a well known company. Lashes are a very lucrative business.

Bowie, MD
Thanks for the info Chrissy. I did talk to Xtreme Lash but won't go with them. Have you started doing the service on clients yet?
I just talked to the rep this week and am looking at taking the class in April. Have to save up for it. I have a girlfriend (she's an esthetician) who went with Nova Lash and she does really well with this service. I like that they send you the study materials a week or two prior to the class so you can review everything.

Bowie, MD