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Full Version: Gel polish
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Do you have more than one brand or do you stick with one? Right now i have gelish and shellac. I got the gelish when it was on sale in november before i fell in love with shellac. I am considering getting rid of my gelish and getting all shellac. Any advice? Shellac isnt really well known but havent used my gelish on anyone yet.
I have 5 but really only use 1. I have Shellac, Gelish, Orly Gel FX, ibd, and OPI Axxiux I'm the pot. I mainly use the ibd because they have an array of colors, it's a pure gel polish, and it's the most affordable. I purchase from from my local distributor for $8 a bottle, so I can afford to offer my clients more colors.

Bowie, MD

My salon I am in has OPI :-(
I do not like it.
@ home I have a few different brands- Gelish Cuccio Luxio IBD Christrio
Different brands but I love ibd