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Full Version: problen with clients nails
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Hi Everyone,
One of my clients recently started having pocket lifting and breakage with her acrylic nails. I have been doing her nails for ten years. I switched her to hard gel, but three appointments in she is having the same problems. I use YN acrylic and IBD hard gel. This is frustrating.....she thinks it's her hormones and I think it's me and the products. I was thinking of maybe trying a different acrylic. Any suggestions on product or what I could do differently I would appreciate. Jackie
HI jackie,
I have the same problem. I use the Opi acrylic sistem, i love the monomer and power, but the primer isn t good. Now i use the monomer and power by opi, and linkage for problem with lifiting is done. But the one client continue complen, then i recomend for her do a regular manicure 2 ou 3 weeks and use a base coat hard nails, i love quimica alemana you can buy ay amazon, and she is take a vitamin for nails. I will do acrylic for her this weekly, her nails look to health. ( i hope you understand, my English isn't good. And i hope help to you.)